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Wensum Valley Medical Practice

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We support the community
We listen to your views
We respect young people
We go the extra mile

Wensum Valley

Medical Practice


Practice Information


West Earlham Health Centre

West Earlham Norwich NR5 8AD

Telephone: 01603 250660




 Reception is open from   

9.00am to 1.00pm      2.00pm to 6.00pm




Adelaide Street Health Centre

Adelaide Street Norwich NR

Telephone: 01603 250660


Reception is open from

9.00am to 1.00pm     2.00pm to 5.00pm



Assessment & Treatment Centre

Bates Green Norwich NR5

Telephone: 01603 250660

This site is closed during peak

holiday periods


Reception is open from


9.00am to 1.00pm        2.00pm to 5.00pm

 Web Site  www.wensumvalleymedical practice.nhs.uk  




West Earlham Health Centre

01603 250660

West Earlham Prescription Line

01603 250667

Adelaide Street Health Centre

01603 250660

Adelaide Street Prescription Line

01603 767745

Assessment & Treatment Centre

01603 250660

Norwich Walk In Centre

01603 677500

Out of Hours


Lloyds Chemist  West  Earlham

01603 451318

Lloyds Chemist  Adelaide Street

01603 620121

Boots Chemist Dereham Road

01603 454701

PALS Patient Advice Service

0800 587 4132

Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

01603 286286

Norfolk Community Hospital

01603 776776

Drugs Advice Helpline

0800 776600

Smoking Cessation Service

01603 749921







When cooking use polyunsaturated oils such as sunflower. Measure the amount you use with a tablespoon, that way you can see how much you are using then gradually reduce it.


When cooking meat, trim off excess fat and skim off any fat that settles on the top of food.


Eat more vegetables as they provide more fibre which help satisfy your appetite. They also provide a wide range of nutrients and have fewer calories than meat. Try to eat less red meat and have fish or chicken instead. Change from full cream milk to skimmed or semi-skimmed. Try to avoid the hidden fat in things like pastries, cakes, biscuits and processed foods like burgers and sausages.




The benefits of exercise are well established and there are simple ways you can increase your activity levels.


  • Take the stairs not the escalator
  • Park a little further from work and walk
  • Leave the car at home, take the bus, you will walk more
  • Take up a sport
  • Join a local walking group


Before starting any new exercise programme, if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.




Our Health Centres are located across the west of the city of Norwich


Wensum Valley medical practice


Dr Emmanuel Ighomereho

Dr Salah Elbishari

Dr Seyamak Abivardi

Dr Clive Aiton

Dr Nicola Pinching

Dr Angela Aziagba

Dr Fiona MacNab

Dr Beate Becker

Dr Archana Prabhu

Dr Mo Rashid


Nurse Practitioner x 1


Practice Nurses x 4


Health Care Assistant x 1




Appointments with the doctors and nurses are available throughout the day beginning at 9.00am to 5.00pm. The periods between surgeries allows for home visits, prescriptions and clinical paperwork






Most smokers would like to stop but find it difficult. Some of the risks from smoking are:


  • Cancer
  • Heart and arterial disease (heart attack, stroke, amputation)
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Ulcers


Please speak to one of the Practice Nurses for advice or ask for the tel number of the smoking cessation service.  With support you stand a better chance of giving up smoking.




A small amount of alcohol does you no harm, but more than that can damage your health.


Alcohol is measured in units, 1 unit is equivalent to:


  • Half a pint of beer
  • A small glass of wine
  • A pub single measure of spirits


Please stay healthy and drink sensibly. For men, aim to drink no more than 14 units a week and for women no more than 12 units a week.




Your doctor may arrange x-rays or other tests. You will either be asked to make a further appointment or call the practice for the results. Please telephone the surgery between 10.00 am and 4.00pm for results.



Practice Website


Please visit the Practice Website at:




You will find lots of useful information that you can access at any time. You will find a link to enable you to email Repeat Prescription requests. There is also the facility to give feedback to the Practice. We welcome your comments as it is our aim to make your visit to the surgery as helpful to you as possible.


Your medical records are held in the strictest confidence. Information is not passed on without your consent unless it is within the confines of the NHS, by legal framework or is in the public interest. The Practice is registered under the Data Protection Act. It is a Practice and legal requirement that all staff maintain the confidentiality of patient’s records. You are entitled to view your medical records if you so wish or request an electronic copy. Please put your request in writing addressed to the Practice Manager.


Applications to join the practice can be made by signing your NHS Medical Card and handing it in to reception or registration forms are available from reception. Please don’t forget to sign your completed form.  We will also require a Photo ID and a household bill.  As a patient of the Practice you may be seen by any of the doctors at any of our sites.   Patients registering with the practice are required to complete a New Patient Questionnaire.




If you feel that you need to be seen on the day or require a home visit please telephone the surgery between 8.00 am and 10.00 a.m. It is very helpful if you let us know what the problem is. 


Our staff are trained to help you access the most appropriate service.  You have the choice to be seen at either West Earlham or Adelaide Street Health Centres. 


If you are aged 16 to 75 and have not been seen for 3 years or you have a condition that requires regular checkups and medication then please contact us to arrange for an annual check up.


working with us to provide the best service


  • Arrive on time for your appointment


  • Use our Check In Screen on arrival


  • Tell us in good time if you are unable to come to your appointment – we can then offer it to someone else


  • Your appointment is for 10 minutes


  • Advise us what the problem is


  • Switch off your mobile phone whilst in the building


Please note we have a zero tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behaviour witnessed by or targeting any member of our team or our patients.  Such behaviour (e.g. verbal/physical/racial abuse) will result in the removal of that person and their family from the practice list


We need your Mobile Number!


We have introduced SMS messaging to remind you of appointments and stay in touch with you.  Please provide a member of the Reception Team with up to date mobile and home contact numbers.  Thank you
Wasted Appointments

We are constantly trying to improve our services for patients and ask for your help to reduce the number of missed appointments. If you cannot attend your appointment please tell us in good time.

Home Visits

Home visits should only be requested if you are housebound or too ill to get to the surgery. If you can get to the surgery please do so. Home visits are allocated before 10.30am so please telephone early in the day. Please provide our staff with the reason for the visit so that we can judge the urgency of each call while planning the home visit rounds.


Working with the Community Nursing & Health Visiting Team

We will ask your consent to allow the Community Nurses and Health Visitors to see your medical records.  This will help the GP and the Nurse co-ordinate your care plan and avoid unplanned admissions to hospital

Services Out of Hours - Call 111

If you call us after the surgery is closed and require urgent attention you will be directed to the NHS 111 Out of Hours Service.


You can also access the services at the Norwich Walk In Centre, between 9.00am and 9.00pm every day.

Special Accessing Arrangements

If you require assistance while visiting the practice please let a member of staff know when you make your appointment.


Sexual Health

We have two Nurses who can advise you on contraceptive services.  Condoms and Chlamydia Tests are available free of charge, just ask at reception.  If you need the Mornig after Pill then call us on 01603 250660 to arrange a same day appointment.  We provide a specialist sexual health clinic at the Assessment & Treatment Centre every Tuesday which includes the fitting and removal of implants.  Call 01603 250660 for more information.


We are involved in research. This means that we use medical data to aid research into clinical conditions. The research is anonymous and does not reveal personal information about patients. However, if you do not wish your medical data to be used in research for the benefit of others please inform the Practice Manager.




All members of the Medical Practice team are subject to a strict policy of patient confidentiality. You should, therefore, feel comfortable in disclosing any information you think is important in the knowledge that all information is protected and will not be released without your consent.


Right to be Accompanied

All patients have the right to be accompanied at appointments by a carer, advocate or assistant. Please let reception know your requirements when you book your appointment.


Patient Feedback


We aim to make your visit to the surgery as helpful to you as possible. If you have any complaints, suggestions or comments on the services we provide please pass them to the Practice Manager. We welcome feedback from our patients and treat all concerns seriously.



Patient Group


We seek the views of our patients on a regular basis on issues such as: Premises; Development of Services; Health Promotion; Patient Communication. It is entirely voluntary.  If you are interested in being a member of the patient participation group, please contact Julie Spurgeon on 01603 250660.


 Repeat Prescriptions

Patients ongoing medication will be entered into our computerised repeat prescriptions system.   Each prescription  will have a reorder slip, which will indicate your current treatment and be used to communicate messages from the surgery about our services. To request a repeat prescription you can:


  • Send your request electronically via our web site:


  • Call the prescription line between 10am and 1pm (see list of useful telephone numbers)
  • Drop your reorder slip into the Surgery
  • Post your reorder slip to the Surgery


We will provide your prescription within 3 working days, but we do ask you to provide us with a week’s notice to enable the Pharmacist to have your medication available for pick up.


Advice from your Pharmacist


If you are worried about what medicines you can take with your regular prescription medicines please ask your pharmacist for advice. In addition, you can ask your pharmacist for a Medication Use Review. They will go through your medication, what it is for and how to take it properly. They have private consultation rooms for this purpose. Some pharmacists operate a prescription collection and delivery service, for more details please ask them and then let us know. We can then specify your preferred pharmacist on your reorder slip.




Please contact the surgery, the Norwich Walk-in Centre or call 111 for cuts, bruises, lumps and bumps.


Only attend A&E in an emergency.


Please see your doctor for an initial assessment who will then refer you to this service or another local provider.  There is a waiting list up to 13 weeks.


You are advised in the first instance to make an appointment with the midwife.       Community midwife antenatal clinics are provided at the West Earlham and Adelaide Street Health Centres.


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